For the process of RPL qualification, you need to submit the following documents and photo & videos. Moreover, you also need to have valid industry experience. Generally, if you have more than 2 year experience in the industry, you are likely to be qualified for RPL program.

Documents list can be different depending on which qualification you would like to apply for, thus we will inform you what exactly you need to provide.

Documents list

  • Valid Identification: Passport, Driver's licence, Proof of age card

  • List showing relevant employment history and company details

  • Work samples and documents (tender documents, invoices, quotations, plans, sketches etc)

  • Letter of employment

  • Reference letters from licensed holder you have worked with (only for the trade qualifications)

  • Photos and videos of your work (only for the trade qualifications)

  • Previous qualifications: domestic qualification & overseas qualification both accepted

  • Related licenses, short courses, accreditation, certificates, transcripts or assessments you have attained: i.e. First-aid certificate, White card, etc

  • Apprenticeship papers (if available)